Referral Program

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With we give you an opportunity to earn an extra coin with only a small effort. Besides giving you a platform to earn while improving your academic research and writing skills we have one more exciting thing to offer. Our Referral program. keeps rising and hence we continuously require freelance writing experts who are able to produce excellent academic writings at all times. Therefore, you are welcome to request your networks and families to join our ever-growing squad.

How it works

To participate in our referral program you simply need to have an active account with us.

Follow the following 4 easy steps to get started with our referral program benefits:

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Where do you advertise?

You must be wondering where you should advertise to get referrals. Well, you can tell your friends and relatives who are interested in pursuing a freelance writing career.

However, social networks, blogs, and groups could become one of your most powerful advertisement platform. 

Track your progress and results has come up with a great system allowing to have your own dashboard which helps you keep accounts of your progress such as

  • Number of referred friends;
  • Number of approved writers;
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